Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Health-Care American Style

I have promised several people I will write a piece abut health-care. Full disclosure in advance: I do not like the democrat proposals I've heard and I do not like the republican proposals any better. I even thought John Mackey was too mellow.

That said, this is not such a piece. This brief blog is an excerpt from a recent conversation. The comment was:

"The only thing I kept hearing during all this was that a public option would be offered (which would supposedly be cheaper, which I was all for), and that it was gonna kill off old people and all that bullshit. I did not, until VERY recently, hear anything about you being REQUIRED to have health insurance, and I thought that was another ugly rumor.

They can require it all they want.......I didn't have the money for it before, and I don't have it now."

My response?

FOR a public option? Be careful what horse you back. Making health-care cheaper is not cheap. Making health-care free is not free. It's good to ask HOW one intends to make it cheaper...especially when government is involved.

Once it is required (they haven't hammered out differences between the house & senate bills), you'll have to add your insurance number on your tax returns. If you have no number, you will be fined. If you don't pay the fine, they will attach wages or bank account or property in your name. You will not escape paying (unless you have no job, no bank account, & no property)...they'll get it with or without your compliance.

As George Washington said, "Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. Government is force, like fire it is a dangerous servant -- and a fearful master.".

It's always good to remember that there is a price for cheap and free...a price for supporting ANYTHING that gov says is good.

Skinny Devil's rule of thumb:

If it expands freedom, vote FOR it. If it diminishes freedom, vote AGAINST it.

That is all.

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