Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July/August SDML Student Newsletter

Guitar Student Newsletter
July/August 2013

New session...the student recital...special pricing...new lesson schedules....MORE!!!
First off, we're in the new month, so please make sure your fees are paid in full.
Also - the BIG SWITCH happens in August! All Monday Hurst students will be switching to Tuesdays (at Hurst) while the Tuesday COC classes are moving to MONDAY (at COC).

1) RECITAL: The next SDML Student Guitar Recital is August 25 at Willis Music. That's less than 5 weeks out, so start getting ready! We'll likely have only 5 minutes per performer, but sometimes we get a tad more, so have TWO songs ready to go. Let me know if you need any help (or for me to play along) soon.

2) NEW SESSION: A new GROUP session begins at the Beaumont YMCA and the COC at the END of AUGUST (just after the recital) - Monday, August 26 at the COC and Thursday the 29th at the Beaumont YMCA.

Private lessons continue as scheduled, but if you A) are taking private lessons and need a different time, or B) want private lessons, I have some openings now...CONTACT ME ASAP!!!


If you have ANY questions about sign-ups, locations, cost, etc, please let me know. And if you need a scholarship......

Scholarships are available thru the YMCA. In addition, we offer the SDML scholarships (50% off regular price) for those in need (participating instructors only). The economy is still shaky, so please don’t be shy about asking if things are tight in your household. If you are opposed to discounts or pro bono, we can always talk quid pro quo!

Have co-workers or fellow church members or family or organization members who want to take lessons? Sign up together and get a discount!

We're trying to partner with area businesses to provide discounts for groups coming from a local biz (or church or organization) to the group classes (or private lessons). This will take the COC pricing from $122/8-week session to $100/8-week session (comparable to the YMCA member discount). If YOU have friends or co-workers who would like to take lessons, bring them along to the new session for a discount....or if you would like me to send word to your business (like we have with Lexmark, etc), drop me a line!

4) OPEN MIC opportunities:
Paul Felice is running a new open mic at SEC Sorts Pub on Sundays....there is also Common Grounds on Mondays....Lexjam 2nd Saturdays...and more. SEND ME YOUR OPEN MIC DETAILS and I'll get them compiled and get the word out to everyone!!!

5) INSTRUCTORS: I assume everyone knows about the SDML Instructor Network. Our certified instructors include Paul Felice, J.D. Wright, Chris Simpson, Luke Jackson, Tim Fowler, & more....and most of these guys have at least a few openings. So contact me and I'll put you in touch with them immediately.

6) WEB-SITES, etc.: Check out he free guitar lessons and the "Guitar Gods" interview series at Skinny Devil Magazine....plus info on new guitar clinics, music workshops, the expansion of our SDML instructor network, job & intern opportunities, and much more....details coming soon!

Be sure to visit us at http://www.skinnydevil.com and Skinny Devil Magazine ( http://skinnydevilmagazine.blogspot.com/ ) as well as our facebook pages:

http://www.facebook.com/skinnydevil (David)

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alien-Blue/60373576192 (Alien Blue)

That's all for now - hope to see everyone soon!

-- David "Skinny Devil" McLean