Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Happy 54 to Me

Lexi-Fest with Brandi Hart (Dixie Beeliners)

I need to get the pics in line, but it was a great celebration. Started the Friday before at Taziki's for the WBVX monthly gig with my buddy Max Corona jamming with me (here in Lexington), then Sunday in the unlikely place of Georgetown at the new MOKY Foam, where we held my annual birthday jam (with birthday brother Greg Rhodus handling bass guitar duties) and it got better as the week went on.
Taziki's with the amazing Tiffaney Nesbeth

Probably my best birthday in years. YEARS. Literally.

And yes, in addition to enjoying the pleasure of teaching guitar all day, I hit the gym for an epic workout in the morning, followed by a lots of raw veggies and steak tataki.
Matthew Florez fundraiser with Eric Hutchens

If you're interested, I've made birthday posts the past few years. Last year and several before that...complete with ODIS photos, party photos, and lots of info, video, links....
54 years old, y'all...ODIS!

My matra-quote for the remainder of the year:

"Live like you are going to die tomorrow; learn like you are going to live forever."

And maybe also "Train like your life depended on it".