Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy 53 to Me

On-stage at Lexi-Fest 2017


Greg/bass, Deb/vox, Alan/perc
It has been a crazy year (here's the list of posts at SD Universe)...and as I write this, I've just published Miss Liz's latest poem at Skinny Devil Magazine (following a long list of fabulous stories, essays, interviews, and more) and about to dash out to the gym, then teaching, and then tonight's performance backing Tabi Gervis on Red Barn Radio. You may remember Tabi from "The Voice" or from her appearance this past summer (with me backing her on guitar) on Woodsongs (video below).
Drew Curtis singing!

Its a coupla days after my birthday. We had the Sunday night jam the night before, which was fantastic. When it was over, I ended up at a karaoke bar with Angelee, Deb, Marsha, and Warren....home at 1am, asleep by 2am, and up at 5:15am to get the boys ready for school.

ODIS at home
Then hit the gym and did a massive workout and at the end went for my pull-up challenge. I was shooting for 35-40 pullups in one set and ended up stalling at 25, but all things considered, I wasn't surprised OR disappointed.

But I then knocked out 10 sets of 10 pull-ups and 10 not a bad way to wrap up a workout.

ODIS at gym
Took an ODIS photo at the gym and another when I got home. Probably in better shape than when I started these photos at 50. Here is 50 and 51 and 52 for anyone who cares to compare.

Then Bryan from Woodsongs called, so I got the pleasure of booking SDML student Shelby Callahan and SDML senior instructor Paulie Felice to appear later that evening on national TV via Woodsongs. And pushed a new story by the stunningly talented writer Lindsay Caudill at SD Magazine. Then taught at COC.

Not a bad day at all.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Here we are nearing the end of the month....and admittedly, its been a while since I've checked in.

Lots has happened, from the Lexi-Fest Festival to a national TV appearance and more....with more on the way.

More details soon....from Lexi Music Awards to radio & TV to the slew of new material at Skinny Devil Magazine.

Talk soon, friends!