Thursday, May 13, 2021

TEACHING Newsletter


Just a quick note about SDML guitar lessons, EKU's Foster Music Camp, and more!

1) LESSONS: I have private lesson slots available NOW and we're also starting a new GROUP session! Haven't taken lessons for a while and wanna get back in the saddle? Stuck in a rut and need to get out? CALL ME!

2) UKULELE & BASS: In addition to guitar lessons, I also offer bass guitar & ukulele lessons....perfect for summer strum fun!

3) VIRTUAL LEARNING: We offer not only group & private options, but also live and pre-recorded options in case your schedule is crazy or if you now live a few time zones away! We hope to return to IN-PERSON learning soon, but we'll maintain the virtual options for everyone for your convenience! 

Lots of info at our website:

4) EKU Foster Music Camp: This year EKU will be offering a new COMMERCIAL music camp, and I'm honored to be teaching alongside some incredible folks (like Berklee grad & former Exile & Judds keyboardist Lee Carroll, award-winning producer/engineer Duane Lundy, sax-player to the stars Joseph Carucci) as well as special guest artists! 

The camp is 100% virtual and there are scholarships available! Info at:

5) WORKSHOPS: I'm turning the songwriting workshop and possibly the improvisation workshop into 8-week classes for anyone interested (though I'll still be doing the one day workshop format), and using the pre-recorded format so you can access at any time, re-wind to review, and the like! Info on that coming soon!

6) SD Magazine Articles: There are several lesson articles that may be of interest to many of you, from stand-alone pieces like "Signature Chords" (discusses "Prince Chord", the "Hendrix Chord", the "Hard Days Night" chord, & more) to the new series "Sonic Sourcery" (a songwriting series discussing melody, progressions,rhythms,& more, and has SONG CHARTS for each song) as well as up-coming "Guitar Gods" interviews to go along with out 80+ interviews already published! 

Visit SD Magazine at: 

That's it for now! Have a fantastic week!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

AMA - How to Be a Full-time Self-Employed Musician

Next in our "Ask Me Anything" series.....Dylan asks:

"What are the most important things to do on the path of wanting to become a “professional musician” in writing, teaching, and performing?"

This is a tough one because, unlike being (for 2 obvious examples) a doctor or a lawyer where there is a single path to the goal (and by "single path" I mean schooling and licensing), there is no such single path in any of the arts. 

I will also assume his question embraces self-employment, as opposed to getting, say, a teaching job as a college professor or high school band director (or other such employment that lends a degree of financial security to the equation)....which is almost another question entirely.

So much of the focus of this discussion will be $$$, but certainly not all. And, as usual, I'll over-simplify much for the sake of brevity, but I'm happy to expand any areas where any of you reading have specific don't be shy about commenting below or contacting me directly.

Friday, March 12, 2021

AMA - Music Theory for Beginners (part 2)


Our last conversation was the first installment in this series within a series, and discussed the fundamentals of chord progressions (though more on that later).

Today, our task is to look at the fundamentals of chord construction (which will make sense out of those crazy chord names, like Cadd9 or Bm7b5 or Am11 or Gaug or Fmj7 or Emb9 or Dsus4. Sounds scary, but it really isn't.

Just like last time, we're going to start in the key of C (no sharps or flats), so our basic notes are, in musical order, C, D, E, F, G, A, B.

AMA - Music Theory for Beginners (part 1)

Howdy, all! This is the first in my new "Ask Me Anything" series. The idea is exactly what it says: Ask me anything. Presumably, y'all will be asking about music-related topics rather than what I think of the new movie or TV show, or my views on...whatever. But I'm open to most questions, and am happy to respond so long as I think I have something meaningful to say.

These short text entries will often, but not always, be accompanied by videos (just as certain videos will often be, but not always, accompanied by a text entry here). If YOU have a question, contact me in the comments below or via social media or email!

So let's leap right in!

First question - Caitlyn asks (via FB): 

Where does an adult with no grasp of music theory begin, if they want to know more?

Excellent question! Answer? Right here - read on!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Unpopular Opinion: Say NO To Stimulus

Yeah, I said it. Say NO to a stimulus package and check from the federal government. 


Because I have a better idea.