Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy 52 to Me

Lexi-Fest 2 on Labor Day.
The day started well.

Up very early with the boys (Wayne, 5, Rylan, 4, and Grayson, 18 months) and fixed them a big breakfast...hashbrowns, turkey bacon, fruit. Then played and played! Their Nana got them for long enough for me to grab a quick work-out (quick brisk bike, 3 rounds on the heavy bag, and 100 pull-ups) but then I got them again because she was ill.

It's no secret at this point that the divorce is final, but we're prepping the house for market and selling it before we'll be in different homes. Sooo...I'm enjoying all the time I can get with these grand-babies we share custody of, while I still can. And they are a HUGE amount of fun....even if I feel like they're trying to kill me (haha!).

Grabbed coffee and fruit and steak tataki (which is to say, only quickly seared - mostly raw) and a snack of carrots and fresh guacamole.

Morning ODIS photo for the records.
The workouts haven't been as Olympian as the past due to a more hectic schedule, but I'm roughly the same weight as the past 2 years...just not quite a "cut", as you can see in my ODIS photo (as compared to birthday 50 and birthday 51). But not too shabby. But the comparison does me good to see, because no excuse is good enough. I will endeavor to shred even more by the first of the I may follow up with a new post or just in the comments below sometime soon.

Be that as it may, I made my way (with zero prep time!) over to Twisted Cork a bit before 6pm. Ray kicked things off (man, he is sooo good!), and then I jumped on stage and spent the next 2.5 hours having an amazing time with new and old friends playing music on-stage (most of it with no rehearsal or any idea what we were about to play...and much of that I didn't know...which is half the fun!). I hesitate to name names because I'm bound to miss someone when I make lists, but Paul and Mary and Thomas, and Chris and Heather and Ande and Mira and Ray and Whitney and Jeanna and Warren and Blackii and Greg (on bass throughout the night, as Friday was his birthday) and Marsha and Jim and many more besides! Lots of hugs & handshakes and lots of music was made!
With Mary on vocals...
Ande on vocals....

We played right up until they had to throw us out (haha!). I gathered my gear and stopped to chat, then realized I was (owners/employees aside) the last to leave. I loaded my gear in the truck, looked around at the gorgeous clear black skies, and was suddenly overwhelmed - despite divorce and all the implications of raising grand-kids and the financial disaster that follows all that and the stress of living with one's ex and any other of my many first world problems - with the reality that life is damn good. Damn good. My problems are, in fact, just first world problems, but the good is better than most people ever get. And so I have zero room to bitch about anything. At all. Ever.

Sooo...I put off meeting with Nik and Damien and Chris (Liz came by to visit the boys, so I did see her) until Maria is well so I can help with the boys, so I'll see them (and my 2 grand daughters) later this week.

And if my recurring dream (as outlined in my 50 post) holds true, I still have plenty of time to go make a difference for everyone, in my on-going mission to create opportunities, build something my kids can be proud of (like the Lexi Awards and Lexi-Fest Concert Series, and all the projects of Skinny Devil Music Lab), and secure my creative legacy..

Time to get busy.

VIDEO of Paul & I Jamming!