Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lexi Awards, Standing Rock, & RBR

Red Barn Radio spot
Last week was a tad crazy....did the Red Barn Radio live-stream and taping on Wednesday (see the ad video here), played 3 songs at Lexington Standing with Standing Rock gathering (with Dan Ward) Friday, then the Lexington Music Awards (a show I produce) Sunday. The after-party was a fabulous experience, getting to hang out and relax, hop on stage to play guitar for both Heather Parrish and Ande Fee, and end up on piano with the fabulous David Lee Hinkle (who was REALLY playing piano!) singing "Let it Be" with Jeff Frohlich & miss Heather.
Playing with the great Dan Ward

Lots of event wrap up for the award HERE, lots of local TV coverage for the Standing Rock event, and the Red Barn Radio event will be available on their web-site first as audio and later as video....which may even yield live EPs for 3 of my 4 guests (and maybe me, as well). My guests, by the way, were the incredible Tiffaney Nesbeth, Rhyan Sinclair (of ATLP), Daisy Helmuth, and Lissy Taylor (Tiffaney is in pre-production for her debut release and the other 3 have albums available - so go get them!).

Jeff standing, me 7 DLH on piano, photo by Heather

Well, we're scheduling Kentucky - Morehead, Lexington, Richmond, and Berea - for performances, workshops, and university clinics as I write this....then moving to out-of-state gigs in WV, OH, IN, and TN.
Playing Ben Lacy's guitar on-stage

Spent last night after teaching hanging with Dustin & Joshua of Spectrum Entertainment and Sean & Tim Berg of Bergstok Guitars (the future of guitar technology).

Now doing the awards wrap-up (paying bills and such)....outlining a couple of e-books (music related, of course!)....outlining 2 acoustic recording projects (one of traditional music and one of original music)....mapping out several Lexi-Fest shows & scouting locations....eagerly awaiting a new song from Gregory on which I'm playing electric guitar....looking at reaching out to several artists for new "Guitar Gods" interviews....and much more (marching towards nailing all my 2017 goals by summer!)!

As my cousin Jami say: Life - with all is ups & downs - is an adventure!