Friday, August 26, 2016

SDML Academy of Guitar is Expanding

The SDML Academy of Guitar is expanding. We have lesson locations in Lexington, KY and now also Chicago, IL. As of this writing, we are expanding to Shelbyville, KY and will soon follow with Frankfort, KY, Louisville, KY, the New Albany, IN area, and a short while later look into the Cincinnati, OH area.

Once we have these locations across 4 states (KY, IL, OH, IN) we'll begin looking at further expansion....which includes the complete training and certification of qualified SDML instructors. If you would like to see SDML's Academy in YOUR area,m drop us a line.

Here is a link to the FB page. The web-site will be along soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SDML Music News (August 2016)

Howdy, everyone!

A quick couple of notes....

1) STUDENT RECITAL & "ROCK BAND" - Look for details soon on our August/September student recital as well as our new "rock band jam" (the opportunity to perform in a band setting with your peers).

We'll also be doing a few weekend "industry field-trips" like we have in the past, to area TV & radio stations, recording studies, venues, and more!

All of these opportunities (and more - like performances, recording, and the like) come at NO EXTRA COST to you.