Friday, November 29, 2013

Nov/Dec Follow-up

1) We had a fantastic recital last Sunday!!! Filled the entire 60 seats at Willis and had more standing, with students of 4 SDML certified instructors representing (Paul, JD, John, and me). The NEXT recital will be in February.....details on when and where will be coming after the holidays!!!

2) NEW group session begins the week of January 6 (Monday 6 at COC and Thursday 9 at our NEW location). We'll have more details soon....but remember the Beaumont YMCA classes will, as of January, be held OFF-SITE. We'll make an announcement on the new location after Thanksgiving.

3) Great shows coming up throughout the rest of the year from the SDML family (students, former students, and instructors)...,.oh, yeah - and me. I'll be at Artsplace in December (Thursday, Dec 12) doing an acoustic set for their Arts at Noon series along with rad poet Jude McPherson.

4) Checkout all the great resources at Skinny Devil Magazine (interviews, free lessons, product reviews, and much more)!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NOV/DEC Student News!

1) Recital - Reminder that the next SDML student recital is just DAYS away! Sunday, 11-17-13 at Willis Music at 1pm! Come on down to play and/or support!!!

2) Lessons - BIG news coming soon....but in short, we are moving the Beaumont YMCA classes OFF-SITE. More details soon.

2.5) FREE Lessons - ALL private students who are at a GTR-4 level now get the GTR-4 classes (at the Y, the COC, or our new TBA location) FREE.

3) Scholarships - Scholarships still available....50% and even 100% off regular price at COC and Hurst. Y scholarships available thru the Y.

4) Students - Congrats again to miss Julia Knight, who is now featured on the new LIFETIME NETWORK reality TV series "Chasing Nashville"....every Tuesday evenings on Lifetime!

5) New Session - Info on the new January session at our new TBA location and the COC coming VERY soon. Just gotta nail down all those details over the next coupla weeks.......

6) SD Magazine - Not only magazine news (we're about to go on the rampage again, with lessons, interviews with some of the world's greatest guitarists, product reviews, contests/give-aways, and more), but big news in the Skinny Devil Universe in general....from TWO new gig series to a new lesson location to Alien Blue and my solo acoustic performances to new music to BIG student opportunities and more! Stay tuned for ALL of that!

More soon!!!