Monday, October 5, 2009

Song of the Week # 4 - "harmonica interlude"

We've talked about (& listened to!) the first 3 songs from the new Alien Blue CD "Virtual Light": "Welcome to the Show", "Virtual Light", and "Cool Cat". Now it's time for song #4 - "harmonica interlude" (1:04).

Less a song and more just me jamming on harmonica using a classic blues theme (G mixolydian blues using the draw 2 position of a garden variety C harp) for about a minute - hence the term "interlude".

This one is simple & pure improv: I start playing, add a bit of Blue's impromptu vocals in the background, and an egg shaker playing along. Pure unadulterated fun!

Listen here:


note: The photo is from February 2009 back-stage at the KY Theater when I was supporting Lori Lieberman.

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