Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Song of the Week # 8 - "Skinny Devil Shuffle"

"Skinny Devil Shuffle" clocks in at 2:37, but this isn't a true representation of the song length. It's actually much shorter - just a little jam over a 12-bar blues shuffle. But this one was so much fun (you hear us laughing and such) that we left the mistakes and re-starts and after 2 false starts you get the real thing.

The shuffle (think triplettes, but drop the "2") groove is in E (a blues E, not a diatonic E) and I just play around with some fun blues cliches, running up & down the neck a bit having fun.

No words, nothing fancy - just a blues jam with a giant grin on my face and Blue humming along!

http://www.skinnydevil.com/Skinny Devil Shuffle.mp3


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