Tuesday, December 1, 2009


"He conquers who endures." (Persius)

Well, it's safe to say the ribs are back to near-100%, I'm happy to say. It sucked to cancel the gigs for October & most of November while I was recovering, but my workouts are back to "brutal" status and the ALIEN BLUE gig on November 28 firmly established that any remaining artifacts of the injury are small enough as to not effect anything measurably.

Now I'm back to goal-setting. For GUITAR my plan is to get my sweeped arpeggios up to speed with my scales and add some jazz standards to the repertoire; for LESSONS the plan is to get to work on Christmas & holiday songs for students of all levels; WEB: we're trying to re-build the web-site so that by the first of the year ALL the lessons & mp3s are back on-line; I have some commercial music projects that need to get finished within a couple of weeks; and DIET goes back to vegan with the exception of sashimi several times a week.

I also have some professional goals with regards to ALIEN BLUE and 2010 bookings, which is giving me a headache (hahaha!!!).

Sooooo.....what are YOUR personal goals for December?

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