Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer 2011 - NEWS

Life has been fast & crazy..... In an attempt to impose some order on the chaos of the Skinny Devil Universe, I shall attempt to categorize and hit some of the high points of the last few weeks....live gigs, students, teaching, raw food friends, Zakk's BLS, & more!

1) TV/radio - I was honored to get the call from my friend Michale Johnathon (see MJ's official fan page) last month to play guitar for him on the Woodsongs Old-time Radio Hour (check local listings for public TV & radio). I got to play MJ's Martin guitar and brought along my buddy Tim Fowler to play slide on his Cigar Box guitar (made by the same guy who made my CBG, Eric Hutchens of Smokin' Instruments). Also got to chat back-stage with old friends & new, as well as a lengthy conversation with Dick Boak, and excellent multi-instrumentalist & multi-disciplinary artist.

2) Alien Blue - Regarding my duo Alien Blue: Hot from our return headlining the Sandbar's Tybee Blues Jam & prepping for our Wounded Warriors gig Friday (8-5), we got word that we are a finalist in the KBS Blues Challenge. We'll be performing in Louisville August 14 at the Zeppelin Cafe along with 9 other acts. Looks lie a FUN gig! We are humbled and honored to be included in such a stellar line-up - big thanx to ALL involved!

3) Raw Pals - While in Tybee, not only did we hang out with Danny O (one of the coolest people on Planet Earth) & a rowdy group of talented musicians, but I got to see & play with my old buddy Tony Thorpe (formerly of David Wolfe's Healing Waters Band). In addition to being a fellow raw foodie, he also does the best Elvis since, well...Elvis! Another big shout to our mutual friend Tonya Kay (see Tonya's official fan page). She has, with her chaotic yet systematic magic, taken hold of Hollywood by the throat. Big things in her past and even bigger things coming down the pipe for this young lady!

4) Zakk Wylde/BLS - Big shout to Zakk for making the best career choice ever: He invited my former band-mate & owner/engineer of Open Sky Studio Mike Froedge (see Mike's official fan page) to be his new drummer. Mike - the best drummer/percussionist I've ever worked with - has been on tour with BLS for the past few months (US, Europe, & more), rockin' the planet hard! For those who recall, Alien Blue recorded last summer at Mike's studio (listen to "Like it Like That" for his handiwork as engineer).

5) Students - I've lost count, but it looks like at least 5 CD releases from students planned this year, and a lot of demos. I'm very fortunate to work on most of these in one capacity or another (guitarist, engineer, or producer). Students have also been playing EVERYWHERE...from local gigs all over Lexington to regional gigs (St. Louis to Nashville to Louisville to Cincy to Atlanta to Destin to Memphis to DC...), not to mention we've started the new SDML Showcase gigs that will be hosted by Common Grounds, Natasha's, & perhaps another venue or two!

6) Students 2.0 - In addition to their recording & gigging, many are racking up pro credits working with others musically, as well as stage & film. Big nod to Paul Felice (an SDML certified instructor) for landing the BIG gig with Kristi Miller, John Davis (another SDML certified instructor who will be studying jazz at Morehead State this fall) for nailing the OutletDown gig (complete with studio sessions & 12 city tour), and Caitlyn Capriette (see her fan page) for landing the lead role in the new movie "No Lost Cause" (where 3 of her original songs also appear).

7) Teaching - My teaching schedule is changing radically. Looks like 3 locations teaching 4 days a week, leaving the weekends open for more live & studio gigs. The new location will be announced soon, where I'll be teaching group classes in synch with the schedule I use at the Beaumont Y. Private lessons will still be at Hurst Music. Also hoping to add more certified teachers to the SDML network!

As an aside, the next student recital is August 28...

8) 2011 Goals - I'll be up-dating the "2011 Goals" entry soon. You can see the 6-month follow-up (both my successes & failures) HERE. Also keep an eye out for our next monthly Lifestyle Challenge!

More soon!

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