Friday, September 2, 2011

2011 Goals - 9 month up-date

WOW!!! 2011 has been a roller coaster so far...and no signs of slowing down!

Let's jump right in with the up-dates...but first, here is the original post:

1) Skinny Devil TV - still in a holding pattern. Full disclosure: I've spoken to the likes of Jennifer Batten, Greg Howe, Rory Block, Dave Martone, Kelly Ritchey, Ben Lacy, & others....but this baby is coming down to money. No corporate sponsorship, no SD-TV. We may try to run ONE show as a "pilot", then use it to attempt to secure sponsorship, but right now this has floated to the back burner until the economy improves and businesses are willing to take a few chances.

But I'm all ears if anyone has any ideas!

2) "A Personal Note" - Also on back burner. Simply put, I don't have enough hours in the day to make this fly right now. For those wondering what "APN" is, just listen...HEATHER

Jason & me - Sneak Attack!
3) Music Production - BOOM! Since the last up-date, we've recorded demos for Slade, Travis, Kayla, and more...done 3 sessions at Sneak Attack Studio (Greg's A/D conversion as well as forth-coming CDs from both Julia Knight & Sydney Cubit)...scheduled October & November dates for Stephanie and JD/DQ's duo....done a mobile recording for Tango Mango...and am currently pouring thru live recordings from various gigs at Natasha's.

Alien Blue - LIVE!
4) Alien Blue - The CD keeps getting delayed due to gigs (most recently after being chosen as a finalist in the KBS Blues Challenge & now the KYB Blues Challenge), but we're about to schedule time and get this thing done!!! We have a song or two from Mike Froedge's Open Sky Studio (Atlanta) & will record the rest at Sneak Attack Studio (Lexington) and 13 O'clock Studio (Richmond).

5) Skinny Devil Magazine - Keeps getting pushed back as I try to find a computer guru who can help without charging me an arm & a leg. But slowly re-designing the web-site so it'll be ready when an entrepreneurial guru shows up....

6) SDML Instructor Network - Harder than I thought....but since the last up-date I've begun organizing material for e-books, putting together biz data, added my buddy Tim Fowler to the fold, speaking to 2 more Lex-area instructors, and am chatting with others out of state.

On-stage with MJ at Woodsongs!
7) Gun-for-Hire - Awaiting trax to complete the "Pharaoh 2.0" and "Denmark Dance" projects, and am on the look-out for other projects. Got to play on-stage at Woodsongs with my friend Michael Johnathon again!

8) Film/TV/media and Music Licensing - I've provided music for the zombie movie and am actively seeking more projects for film & TV. I'm also chatting with a couple of folks about licensing my solo works as well as music from Alien Blue.

9) Endorsement Deals - Securing a few select deals now. I will keep these to a bare minimum.

10) Skinny Devil Records - As before, we'll see how this pans out at year's end....

11) Recording Studio - No longer a viable goal (deals with Sneak Attack & 13 O'clock have made it unnecessary), though I still have my mobile recording gear and may well look to others to start using it actively in the community. This goal has mutated into something else....which I will announce (hopefully) by year's end!

If you're interested in engineering a small mobile set-up, let me know!

12) Workshops - On hold....BUT we're looking at a performance series (sort of a hybrid between SD-TV & formal workshops) bringing in great artists from the region. I've already spoken with award-winning bluesman "Blind-Dog" Gatewood, rippin' Americana duo Mamakitty, One-Shot Johnny, & more. Still requires some financial backing, but a MUCH smaller amount.
Now we just need a family-friendly venue that serves full meals & has a full bar (per audience requests)....that hopeully also has stage, PA, & lites!

Any ideas???

SDML showcase at Natasha's!
13) Student Opps - BOOM! Since the last up-date 3 months ago, we've booked performances at Woodsongs (pre-show), Moon Dance Amphitheater (DAC film series), hosted 2 SDML Spotlight shows (one at Common Grounds, one at Natasha's), booked students into 3 of the Pop's Singer-Songwriter events, and hosted yet another SDML guitar recital. Plus, we've seen more students playing events in Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, Cincy, etc....and encouraged even greater participation in local events like Lex-Jam! Also, I got to put my buddy Tim Fowler on the main stage at Woodosongs playing slide guitar using an Eric Hutchens custom Cigar Box Guitar!


I also mentioned several other items in the original post.....I'm still teaching 5 days a week, but we'll have phased out Saturday by year's end, I have a new location to teach groups in the Richmond Road area, and looks like I might not significantly increase my income BUT it won't drop by 20% when I drop to teaching 4 days.

Total failure with the literary blog, but I plan to be on that soon, too! Might even start writing fan mail!

Sooo......things are cooking along. Big success in some areas and lack of success in other areas has crystalized some ideas for me, which in turn has enabled me to re-focus and, with luck (and a little help from all of YOU), turn the failures into success.

Stay tuned - we've got 3+ months left!

Time is running out in 2011 - HURRY!!!

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