Friday, April 11, 2014

SDML Music News

Been a while since I posted anything (about 4 months!)....including our lifestyle challenges. Let's see if I can fix that!

2014 saw some BIG changes...

1) Gone from the Beaumont YMCA after 11 years and landed on me feet at Willis Music Lexington (one of 8 stores in Lex, Louisville, and Cincy areas). Still teaching Mondays at the COC and private lessons at Hurst Music, but Thursdays are now at Willis for group classes.

2) We've kicked off the "Guitar Gods: LIVE!" performance/clinic series (also taped for our web series) with the debut show in April (International Guitar Month) featuring the amazing Diana Chittester (Cleveland OH). May's guest will be Blind Dog Gatewood (Evansville IN) and currently lining up summer shows. Continuance of the series depends totally on funding, as I'm paying for this out-of-pocket right now - not something I can sustain past 2 shows. We're figuring out hwo to go about that now....

3) We're also kicking back in with the on-line (print) "Guitar Gods" interview series and shaking things up at Skinny Devil Magazine:

4) Student recitals have been cranking along...about to do the 2nd of the year at Willis in May!

5) Students have been getting some CRAZY successes lately..."Chasing Nashville" (Lifetime), "The Voice", and other similar shows....opening for Pat Benatar, BB King, Goo Goo Dolls....TV & radio projects....

6) Oh, yeah - I got ot play guitar for Grammy winning playinum selling artist Suzy Bogguss when she was in Lexington for her appearance on Woodsongs Old-time Radio Hour (check your local TV & radio listings for air-date in your area). What a BLAST!!!

You can see the entire broadcast here (show #746): 

7) My duo Alien Blue will finally be releasing the new CD. In the interim, feel free to visit us here:

8) Proud to announce my 3rd grand-child has been born...the first to my oldest son Nik and his fiance' Beth - a little girl named Saylor. Well...9 pounds 6 ounces of little - hahaha!

9) Now...about that lifestyle challenge.......

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