Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy 51 to Me

Was about to post my obligatory ODIS picture for my 51st birthday, but thought I'd check in on my post from last year. Realized I had damn near the same breakfast, and same start to the day (only now the little boys are 3 & 4).

Great start.

The difference this year is I spent all day with the boys and the only work I did was handled in quick shots from my phone (primarily via text), and it ended with dinner with my boys Nik & Damien and my grand-daughter Saylor, then home for a coupla games of pool with my son Chris and a Bloody Mary.

For anyone interested, you can read last year's post for other details....including music, my recurring dream of dying at 54 (I have 3 years left, eh?), my abs at 50, and more. But today (and I may add an addendum later), I leave you with today's ODIS photo.


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