Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SDML Music News (August 2016)

Howdy, everyone!

A quick couple of notes....

1) STUDENT RECITAL & "ROCK BAND" - Look for details soon on our August/September student recital as well as our new "rock band jam" (the opportunity to perform in a band setting with your peers).

We'll also be doing a few weekend "industry field-trips" like we have in the past, to area TV & radio stations, recording studies, venues, and more!

All of these opportunities (and more - like performances, recording, and the like) come at NO EXTRA COST to you.

2) GROUP GUITAR LESSONS - A new session begins Monday, August 22 at COC (and Thursday, August 25 at Willis). As always, this will be an 8-week session. Details at the FB event page (or call/text me at 859-420-2007).


3) PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS - Looks like I have a few early slots open. If you are looking to sign back up for private lessons, let me know ASAP (call/text 859-420-2007).

4) LEXI MUSIC AWARDS - The 2nd annual Lexi Music Awards was a smashing success with a sold-out Lyric Theatre (voting for the 2017 Lexington Music Awards begins soon!). We'll continue, as last year, with several Lexi-Fest shows, and then lead back into voting for next year. Visit our new web-site and blog:



We’ve run an entire series of shows again this year at a variety of venues (including Al's Bar of Lexington, O'Neill's, Willis Music Lexington, and more) and the final show will be the Lexi-Fest FESTIVAL at Proud Mary BBQ on Sunuday, September 4 (Labor Day Weekend) featuring 20 musical acts in under 7 hours....from about 2pm to 9pm. Line-up includes Miles Osland & Raleigh Dailey’s Jazztet, The McLain Family Band, Rhyan Elizabeth Sinclair, Devine Carama, Alan Robinson, and many more....an incredible line-up of musicians and music styles, from rock to jazz to hip-hop to country and more! check it out:


5) CLINICS & WORKSHOPS - Songwriting, improvisation, hand drumming, music business workshops coming soon in Lexington and surrounding areas. Stay tuned for details (or feel free to contact me).

I’ll also be performing/touring again soon. More details on that coming up as well!

6) SKINNY DEVIL MAGAZINE - Lots of new material at Skinny Devil Magazine, and collecting NEW contributions from NEW writers soon...plus our archive of free guitar lessons, music & book reviews, poetry, photography, art, and more!


That's all for now!

If you have any questions or comments, contact me here or at 859-420-2007.

See ya soon!

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