Thursday, May 17, 2018


SAW MY STUDENT Eliza Sayer at her Red Barn Radio performance last night, and a few weeks ago another student, Aisley Stuebs, had her national TV debut on Woodsongs!

NOW....looking to step up the festival and awards gigs, so we're looking for larger corporate presenting sponsors. Media partners include WLEX-TV and the Lex Herald-Leader.

Details for our new gigs (student showcase June 10, Sit In with Dave jam on June 17, songwriting wqorkshops, and more) coming soon, as well as our SDML Academy student field trips to TV stations, radio stations, recording studios, and more.

Played last weekend with student Rhyan Sinclair as she opened for new country star India Ramey, and have a private party to play this weekend.

New guitar lesson session coming up the first week of June, and a couple of compositions to do that were commissioned by some cool businesses!

Trying to decide if my next album should be part 2 of the last EP (old folk and blues songs) or a new collection of original music. Hmmmm?????

Above photo is a few days ago hanging with my buddy Greg and his new girlfriend, who stopped by on their way back home in Vegas. I need to get a gig out there for a week...!!!

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