Friday, November 6, 2009

NOVEMBER Lifestyle Challege

"Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always." (Dante)

Well, with the rib injury, I had to drastically alter not only my workouts, but my performance schedule, guitar practice schedule, and much more. This definitely had a negative impact on my October goals. I hope everyone else fared better, but I'm not complaining....and I am happy to report I hit the mark on some of my October guitar challenges (scales up 10-20 clicks, etc.). But mis-fortune is only pointless if we don't learn from it, so Live & Learn!

Sooooo.....what are YOUR personal goals for November?

I've re-vamped my workouts to accommodate my continuing shoulder recovery and now my rib recovery (it's been 3 weeks, though, and I'm doing much better), I'm experimenting a bit with my diet, but will likely go back to mostly raw fruits & veggies with occasional sashimi as my staple, I'm adding some additional musical (rather than just technical) elements to my guitar goals - including toying with Coltrane changes for the first time in years - and I have some VERY specific MUSIC BIZ goals. to share your successes and failures from October and your goals for November?


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