Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Lifestyle Challenge

For those new to the "Lifestyle Challenges", well, it's all about self-analysis & improvement. Pushing yourself just a little or a lot. I list some of my goals, then ask about yours, which you can post to share with everyone. Lotsa mutual support here!

Sooo....It's time for the May Lifestyle Challenge!!!

What are YOUR personal or professional goals? Writing songs? Reading a book? Changing your diet? Exercise? De-cluttering your life? Re-committing to a project or loved one?

My personal goals include more intense & productive workouts (& more pull-ups/chin-ups!); professional goals include reviving "A Personal Note" (more on that later) and playing & promoting more events like last year's Muriel Anderson gig; musical goals include completing the writing & pre-production on the new Alien Blue songs.

How about YOU???

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