Monday, May 17, 2010

Feelin' GOOD!

Yeah...the new Alien Blue material is coming together wickedly (hahaha!!!) and we're throwing it out there this weekend at the Common Grounds gig (with opening act Tubanjo from Cincinnati, OH) this Friday night.

We were hoping to record the new CD in Atlanta at Mike Froedge's Open Sky Studio, but logistics might fail. If so, we're chatting with a few top-flight facilities in Lexington. Either way, the new Alien Blue disc will be a pro-level product...ready for prime time (hahaha!).

Sunday's recital rocked...check out the picture of Sydney playing her Dean acoustic (autographed by actress & country singer Laura Bell Bundy).

Also....had a great workout today, and tonight I do a second, short workout when I get home.

Morning workout:

Push-ups (200), sit-ups (600), calf raises (500), plus some extra work with light weights for continued shoulder rehab.

Evening workout:

Pull-ups (50) and chin-ups (50).

Tomorrow will be push-ups, 1/2 bridges, and squats, plus shoulder rehab. I'm holding off on the punching bag for a few weeks, then I'll slowly add that back in. Working those pulls & chins back to the 100-150 per workout, then going for a personal best (& maybe more)......


  1. Tuesday work-out:

    Push-ups (150), bridges (200), squats (250), cardio, plus lots of sets of light weight focusing on shoulders & back.

    Wednesday workout:

    5 sets on the Total Gym (assorted), various light weight focusing again on shoulders & back (rehab!), plus calf raises (250), squats (125), and cardio. This evening I'll add pull-ups (50) and chin-ups (50).

  2. Wednesday amendment: I did 80 chins & 80 pulls!

    OK....Thursday workout:

    Push-ups (200), reverse sits (200), sit-ups (600), squats (300), calf raises (500), plus cardio and light weights for shoulder re-hab.

    Can I get an amen?

  3. Friday we had a gig, so I did a light work-out:

    Pull-ups (50), chin-ups (50), squats (100), and calves (300).

  4. Monday, May 24 workout:

    AM workout:

    Push-ups (250)
    Sit-ups (500)
    Squats (300)

    Light cardio and some light weights for shoulder rehab.

    PM workout:

    Pull-ups (75)
    Chin-ups (75)

    Tuesday, May 25 workout:

    Push-ups (200)
    Reverse sits (200)
    1/2 bridge (200)
    calf raises (800)

    Light cardio and light weight for shoulder rehab.

  5. Wednesday....1000 sit-ups, 1000 stairs (500 up & 500 down), and light weight for shoulders & back. Tonight is 50 pull-ups & 50 chin-ups!

  6. Thursday started with skateboarding with my son for about 90 minutes, which whipped me and altered my workout for the day (hahaha!!!).

    Ended up doing a few sets of push-ups & such along with the Total Gym (5 sets, various), and some light cardio.


    Push-ups (250)
    Sit-ups (750)
    Squats (250)

    Light weight for shoulders, then light cardio.

    PM workout will be:

    Pull-ups (50)
    Chin-ups (50)

    There you have it - 2 weeks in the life!