Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2010 Lifestyle Challenge!

Due to some e-mails I received....Something a bit different for this month's challenge.

Pick & choose, or make up your own!

1) Exercise - set a specific plan or goal(s). Keep us posted weekly (or more) on your progress!

2) Creativity - Music, art, writing, acting...set a goal to complete by month's end. Keep us posted!

3) Read a book - Old, new, or something in between. Start now, finish by month's end. Tell us what it is!

4) Professional life - Set a work goal or change jobs or....just tell us what it is and keep us posted!

So here are mine....

1) Increase reps on my pull-ups in attempt to get back to world record pace. Drop bodyfat percentage roughly 2 points per month until I'm under time to close in on that elusive 40+ pull-ups in 60 seconds.

2) Complete all writing & demo-ing for the new Alien Blue CD - to be recorded in July at Open Sky Studio (Atlanta)!

3) Just cracked open an old collection of world mythology. It didn't have Gilgamesh, but I've already worked thru short versions of Greek, Roman, & Norse myths. I'm on King Arthur, Charlemagne, & Robin Hood now. Next stop: Africa!

4) Record & release several pre-release video clips for Alien Blue. Book a few more gigs. Secure funding for guitar performance clinics with special guests (like last year's Muriel Anderson gig).

How about YOU?

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