Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guitar Student Newsletter

Guitar Student Newsletter
October 2011


Coming up FAST on the holidays...the next recital...a new lesson schedules....

***Please note - we are in a new month, so please make sure your monthly fees are paid at your next lesson (my IRS account thanx you and my mortgage holder thanx you - hahaha!).***

1) RECITAL: The SDML Student Guitar Recital will be Sunday, November 6 at the Beaumont YMCA at 1pm and 3pm. Each student gets 5 minutes (usually one song) and if you play with another student, you still get 5 minutes each (or 10 minutes for a duo). Let's make sure your song(s) is ready to go!

Similar to last time, if your FIRST name begins with A thru K, you attend the 1pm slot....if your FIRST name begins with L thru Z, you attend the 3pm slot.

     Addendum - The recital videos are up!

    And Upsorn has posted recital photos for those on facebook:
2) STUDENTS: Several students are in pre-production now and will be releasing their debut CDs in 2011. Many have been playing around town (and beyond), including Natasha's, Coffee Times, Julep Cup, Common Grounds, Azur, Village Host Pizza, the KY Theater, and more, and several opening for major nationally touring acts.

If YOU have any cool gigs, announcements, etc., please let me know!

3) SCHEDULING: Radical scheduling changes still in the works.....and we may be moving from the COC (Beaver Creek & Man o’ War) to a new location soon, due to space constraints. If you have a Richmond Road location idea, please let me know ASAP!

4) NEW SESSION: A new GROUP session begins at the Beaumont YMCA and the COC the final week of October (COC Oct 25; YMCA Oct 27). If you have ANY questions about sign-ups, locations, cost, etc, please let me know. And if you need a scholarship......

5) SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are available thru the YMCA. In addition, I offer the SDML scholarships (50%-100% of fees paid) for those in need. The economy is still shaky, so please don’t be shy about asking if things are tight in your household. If you are opposed to discounts or pro bono, we can always talk quid pro quo!

6) INSTRUCTORS: I assume everyone knows about the SDML Instructor Network. Our certified instructors include Paul Felice, Chris Simpson, Luke Jackson, & more....and we’d all like to welcome aboard our newest member: Tim Fowler! Tim will be teaching group classes (North Y) as well as private lessons (Hurst Music), so if you’re in need, drop him a line at !

7) ALIEN BLUE: My duo Alien Blue has had a great 2011 - we were chosen by KBS as one of the top 10 blues acts in the region (KY, IN, IL, OH) and as one of the top 3 blues acts in the state by the KY Blues Society... we got to play some awesome gigs, including the Blues Between the Bridges Festival, the Tybee Blues Jam (Savannah, GA), the CKY Guitar Night (Natasha’s here in Lexington), & more...we have a new CD coming out soon (called “Carnival at the Crossroads”) - then back to the stage!

8) GUITAR REPAIR: Big shout to Eric Hutchens, who repairs & customizes all my guitars...and built my custom Cigar Box Guitar seen in the "Medusa" video clip on Youtube ( ). If you need work done on your guitars, he is the man. If you want a CBG, you know who to call!

9) WEB-SITES, etc.: Up-dates are going on daily at SkinnyDevil.Com - and some BIG news ahead....including the new Skinny Devil Magazine, new guitar clinics, music workshops, the expansion of our SDML instructor network, job & intern opportunities, and much more....details coming soon!

Be sure to visit us at & as well as on facebook: (David) (Alien Blue)

That's all for now - hope to see everyone soon!

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