Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Lifestyle Challenge

My apologies we missed July, but we're back now! I assume most of you reading this know we've cranked out a LOT of content over at Skinny Devil Magazine, whch is one of the reasons I didn't get a July challenge posted. But....

Here we are...August 2012! Time for another challenge.

For those new to the challenges, it isn't to compete against others. It's to push yourself to greater heights, have some company & inspiration along the way, and a few ideas the help get us focused. For example, you can use this waving of the analytical knife to help organize your goals:

1) Exercise - Set a specific plan or goal(s). Keep us posted weekly (or more) on your progress!

2) Creativity - Music, art, writing, acting...set a goal to complete by month's end. Keep us posted!

3) Personal life - Re-affirm your personal relationships, get to that project/chore you've been avoiding, or just read a book you've always wanted to read!

4) Professional life - Set a work goal or change jobs or....just tell us what it is and keep us posted!

I'll post my goals & up-dates below.

How about YOU?


  1. In brief...

    1) Exercise - maintain a decent work-out schedule! The difficulties in my personal life have made the monster work-outs I'm used to a fleeting thing. The trick now is getting 2 or 3 mini-workouts a day and one or two awesome work-outs a week.

    Yesterday was 4 rounds on the heavy bag, multiple tabata rounds (stair sprints & fighter squats), 3 rounds on the Total Gym, and lots of crunches.

    2) Creativity - Continue trekking on with Skinny Devil Magazine, complete final mixes for the new Alien Blue CD, get home studio set-up so I can get back to work! Plus READ more!

    3) Personal life - Get iver all day-care hurdles and settle into a good routine with the grand-kids. Hoping all works out so their mom regains custody by year's end, but until that day, keep everyone happy & healthy...and figure out how to be uber-productive amid the new chaos (hahaha!).

    Professional life - Get back online!!! Then get the booking agent back online with the SDML network. Solidify deal with my new agent/manager (or see it ain't gonna fly and move on).

    1. How do you feel about today? A productive, creative, healthful, mindful, loving, happy, fun day? Tell me about it!

    2. I have been working hard on completing the Great 8 Program for optimum health and Fitness! Now DONE...ready to market by this weekend! Guaranteed positive desired results! All inclusive from shopping list to menus with recipes and 8 weeks of workouts you can do in your home with videos! Fun Frisky Fitness exercise video is next to be released!

  2. I am now juicing every day when not at work so that is a positive move for me as i have 3 days off each week and when i do work at weekends it is only an hour so sorted there.

    green smoothies as ever are and will continue to be lushhhhhh

    I am so ready to lose at least a stone by September and i know if I liquid diet I can do it as my weight gain is bread and I can't liquidize that :)

    1. Check out the Great 8 Program for optimal health and fitness...guaranteed results! I offer full shopping lists, menus, recipes for 8 days to be repeated, 8 weeks of workouts to be done every other day for 30 min. This is a "Retro-Raw" program offered by me "Coach Kieba" of the Body Temple Boot Camp. IT will be released for sale no later then Saturday! No liquid diet necessary!

  3. I am focused on writing the novel - the goal is to be at 30,000 words by month end - currently at 9000. Add to that another blog essay plus all the usual business stuff. The goals are doable :-)- Alasdair White 4 August 2012

  4. RRRrrrrggghhh... you know I hate doing these. I was sending my students so you'd get the participation you wanted and get the hell offa my BACK!! :)

    Alright, alright. My goals are always long term and loosely defined, but I have a few that are fairly present:

    1) Exercise - Don't forget to exercise! This is really easy to do, especially since I don't have a set routine. Also, I need to get the entire workout down to 1 hour. My shortest time right now has been 1h13m, so I'm attempting to reduce break time in between sets, but without doing less reps, weight, or time on the bag or bike.

    2) Creativity - Re-record my original songs and get good takes recorded to a click, so I can go back later and add percussion, harmonies, lead, bass lines, etc. as needed. Write at least one new song by the end of the month.

    3) Personal life - Handle the sweeping changes on that landscape, remember to keep relationships in perspective with my professional life and try to cope with seeing myself differently as a participant in them.

    4) Professional life - Try to not suck in front of the guy who wrote Eye of the Tiger! LOL!! Seriously, though, I really want to make sure I'm ready to give my all to Mallory Lennon in the studio next week and contribute solidly to what I am sure will be a quality product. -- Also, really crack down on advertising for private lessons and the group classes starting in September to grow my student base back to where it was. -- Continue working on the duo project with Hannah Mae Rector, playing our first live gig Friday before I leave. -- Prep for the Kentucky State Fair and Abbey Road on the River festivals with the Steve Sizemore Group, refresh my memory on our Beatles songs and make sure I have all my bases covered for being out of town so much!

    There. I'm done. Now go pound sand. :D

  5. Where are your students, Paul???

  6. Fitness: Sign up for the Rampage Obstacle course as well as the Iron Horse 1/2 marathon. Train for both..which will require a lot of running with continual addition of distance. Did the Midsummer Night's Run last night so I know I can do that distance easily. I am going to plan one 5k each month (hopefully this won't become to difficult with other life plans) and one 10k prior to the half in October. I am also going to change my strength training routine. Heavier weights with less reps (kettle bell workouts)..two days/week and see if I can't see some changes that way.

    Nutrition: Make the absolute and final move to a vegan slip-ups with dairy which generally isn't a problem unless I am eating out or at someone's house and experiment with more raw foods. Next month might try a raw diet. we'll see.

    Guitar: Just try to make time to play as life has seriously hindered that. Get back into a routine of practicing songs and then move onto learning new ones.

  7. August - the month of not getting paid - sigh - I'm writing and really that's the challenge! I am writing the next Luc Hansen thriller by Alex Hunter, I'm also writing management blogs, a new master's degree course, copy for a client who makes air-conditioners (good money!) and the business plan for the further development of White & MacLean Publishing. When I'm not writing, I'm cooking wonderful food and preparing to move house!

  8. I had posted this on Facebook,here it is again copied and posted per Dave...

    "I've been off my Paleolithic Eating Habits for over a month. Most foods I eat are within that diet but I have gone beyond it in the past and recently. This month I've ceased eating frozen processed meals. I've reduced my coffee intake from 2-6 cups a night at work and 2-3 cups on days off to only 2-3 per week. I've reduced alcohol to almost nil. I think I've had 2 drinks this month.

    I've been focusing on at least one salad a day for the past 1-2? Weeks. Not iceberg base! I buy the veggies and prep my own daily. I've begun drinking green tea again. While it has caffeine I feel I get less for I reuse the tea bag. Still get the flavor and use less tea! I've increased my raw veggie and fruit intake as well as having a bulk bag of walnuts, etc around. Also, I've begun eating dried dates. Their glycemic index is lower than raisins and other fruits and are so much sweeter. They satisfy the urge especially before bed so I don't jack up my sugar levels when I sleep.

    I've read, but not researched enough to state it is a fact, that coffee leeches minerals, etc from your body. Particularly magnesium. Hence, my cutting back. While green tea has caffeine, I feel the reuse of the tea bag reduces this. Perhaps not.

    I've felt much better. I sleep better during the day after working at the hospital all night. I'm certain its due to my changes.

    And I've started taking The Pack for more walks. Its helped them to get more exercise and kick starts me as well."

    In addition, I have to add when I eat out I've been opting for sushi predominately. I will admit that I have also switched to Mediterranean Restaurants as well.