Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Lifestyle Challenge

Arrgghh! We missed September....but we're back now! I assume most of you reading this know we've cranked out a LOT of content over at Skinny Devil Magazine, so be sure to check it all out, including our "SDML Instructors Speak" series, with our first installment "Top 10 Best Live Albums of All Time".

So here we are...October of 2012! Time flies, and it's time for another challenge.

For those new to the challenges, it isn't to compete against others. It's to push yourself to greater heights, have some company & inspiration along the way, and a few ideas the help get us focused. For example, you can use this waving of the analytical knife to help organize your goals:

1) Exercise - Set a specific plan or goal(s). Keep us posted weekly (or more) on your progress!

2) Creativity - Music, art, writing, acting...set a goal to complete by month's end. Keep us posted!

3) Personal life - Re-affirm your personal relationships, get to that project/chore you've been avoiding, or just read a book you've always wanted to read!

4) Professional life - Set a work goal or change jobs or....just tell us what it is and keep us posted!

I'll post my goals & up-dates below.

How about YOU?


  1. Exercise: I resolve to get outside and walk my dog more, taking others with me whenever possible. Creative: sign up for a couple of big upcoming art and craft fairs, and get busy completing projects for them. Shoot that set of photos I've been batting around a while. Personal: Continue doing things that make me happy instead of hoping to find someone who will. Professional: Not to be too specific here but to be more proactive, disciplined and productive.

  2. I have already begun, with my neck and stretching limbering exercises which make life easier for me.
    Since I am so close to my ideal body weight, the goal has now shifted to fitness while keeping pain free in my head, neck an shoulders. As I tend to slouch, I am working on that this month. It helps that I am on my way to my Morgan horse World Championship show in Oklahoma City, where the better you sit your horse, the better ride you will have. I tend to protect my neck and shoulders by slouching and that increases the pain.
    Tonight I am stretching and applying heat before the first leg of my 13 hour drive southwest. Also it will help me in my guitar playing so I am not stooped over when I am playing. I am not that old....yet;)
    Aerobics, weight training and stretches come next. It is all part of the same thing.
    My diet has changed drastically over the past 4 months. Sweets have almost been completely eliminated from my diet plan, not by design but naturally. I still like my sugary sodas but I will have to take one thing at a time.
    My relationships are, for the most part, unbelievably awesome and getting better. There are a few I would desperately love to mend but that takes two and I can't become ill over another person's indifference..
    I am working on 2 creative art projects, on top of my reading and guitar playing. I love working with my hands.
    Work-I never give up hope that it will happen. I am very good on a computer and with any kind of spreadsheet thrown at me. I pick things up in record time. It is just a matter of meeting that one person who needs what I have to offer.

  3. As my mate and I are now doing our 3 months apart living (he is only here in Hawaii with me every other 3 months switching off with Austin Tx) We report in to oneanother our daily activity. We in our own ways challenge one another to not only keep up with our normal training but to take it a step this month I have already picked up on my swim distance and times and weight training...and cycling. I have been researching and experimenting with my retro Raw diet to balance and manage hormones....I am making huge progress on lessening the dreaded premenopausal symptoms and will report soon.
    Financially I have brought in 1 renter and looking for 1 more for my cabin, working hard on adding cool products I endorse to my website's resources page which will give me credits and really pushing to get more of my Great 8 program for optimum fitness and health sold!
    Everything in Life is as I make it...I choose to make it GREAT here at my tropical paradise! A hui hoe, "Coach Kieba"