Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 2012

I should be doing a "year in review", but that just isn't gonna happen in any official or comprehensive capacity.
Do awesome gig, run from stage, go home to boys!!!

But it's been a CRAZY year, as a few of you know. It is now public 2 grandsons (20 months old & 5 months old as I write this) now live with in, we have custody of the boys. Permanent custody. Needless to say, this is not where I thought I'd be at this point in my life, but they sure are awesome kids!

It's taken some adjustments (that's why Alien Blue cancelled almost all of our shows in 2012 and why I've been FAR less active musically outside of teaching), but I'm thinking I'm getting my groove back.

December has already seen me make a radio and a TV appearance with 2 more TV appearances scheduled before year's end.....I've signed on to produce the debut All the Little Pieces CD (we begin in late January).....Alien Blue is bouncing back with a new CD, "Carnival at the Crossroads", as well as a new concert series beginning (with a little luck) in April....will be doing a live web-cast (details soon!).....scheduled to do several talks/clinics at high schools & universities on guitar, music, and being a professional musician.....lining up some student gigs again....we got Skinny Devil Magazine off the ground and running hard (though still in beta form), re-posting all the old material I did for various web-sites over the years.....and MORE!

Almost makes me feel like a rock star again (hahaha!). Yeah - that's what I'm gonna put on my census report and taxes under "occupation": Rock Star.

Really hoping for a BIG January session (guitar lessons) to help keep the ball rolling on our in-house 50% off needs-based scholarship program. That's right, half off with no questions asked. Just our part to lend a helping hand to those in need. Maybe you can help us spread the word so nobody goes without quality guitar/music lessons just because the economy sucks.
Hard at work on a project at Sneak Attack with my bro, engineer Jason Groves!

I'll be posting a more formal entry soon...a monthly challenge and an up-date of the original "goals" post, modified to fit the new realities of my life. (For example, Alien Blue will be doing a concert series bringing other artists to Lexington rather than touring in the summer.)

So anyway, this is where I should apologize to everyone who was not in the loop - now you know why I haven't been as available as I was before all this craziness started back in mid 2011...and got crazier in February of 2012 (when the first-born moved in at 10 months old), and crazier still when his little brother was born in the summer. It's been a crazy ride, but again, we are adjusting. So I'll be contacting many of you directly about opportunities and such.....

But for now, I'm just happy to be here. Feels good!

...and yeah, I'll probably post a few pictures of the boys!

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  1. Glad to hear it's two boys. At least you've got plenty of prerequisite experience. (I wasn't sure if baby 2 was a boy or a girl.) Glad you're getting your groove back. It all sounds like the Dave I know. The planets must be realigning. I hope so anyway as my year has been a similar roller coaster ride. Life is an adventure!