Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Lifestyle Challenge!!!

My job is SOOOO hard, you just don't know!
So here we are...January of 2013! Time flies, and it's time for another challenge.

For those new to the challenges, it isn't to compete against others. It's to push yourself to greater heights, have some company & inspiration along the way, and a few ideas the help get us focused. For example, you can use this waving of the analytical knife to help organize your goals:

1) Exercise - Set a specific plan or goal(s). Keep us posted weekly (or more) on your progress!

2) Creativity - Music, art, writing, acting...set a goal to complete by month's end. Keep us posted!

3) Personal life - Re-affirm your personal relationships, get to that project/chore you've been avoiding, or just read a book you've always wanted to read!

4) Professional life - Set a work goal or change jobs or....just tell us what it is and keep us posted!

I'll post my goals & up-dates below.

How about YOU?


  1. I'll actually be blogging goals & plans....but under "business", I wanna see a super successful session of guitar lessons not only for me, but for every member of the instructor network. More important, I wanna see dozens of new faces in January....with many using the YMCA or the SDML needs-based scholarship so NO ONE has to go without quality guitar/music lessons!

  2. Been working out a bit differently (everything in my life has changed with the new babies on board!!!)....and even experimented with my diet a bit. Put on a few (good) pounds, but about to see what happens with a dietary shift.

  3. OK...and I'll get as cut as the lady Joshua sent the vid clip of.....

  4. Andreia Brazier... and strangely enough she has motivated me to make changes in my workout routine (more ab and leg stuff).

    The rest of the list... 2, 3, 4... eh. :)

  5. Beyond ab & leg, you better get on some serious cardio & diet to cut like that!

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