Saturday, March 28, 2015

SDML Intern Opportunities

Skinny Devil Music Lab (SDML) is looking for motivated, career-minded interns.

The intern will receive pay primarily via commission for most projects.

Intern will gain valuable experience through on-the-job training in a variety of areas, including production, booking, collections, marketing & promotions, and more...and have the opportunity to shadow David and others in a variety of professional environments (from recording studios to live venues to business meetings with industry professionals, and the like).

David does not micro-manage and does not "look over your shoulder", which gives intern a broad freedom of working styles. However, intern is expected to be self-motivated, disciplined, hungry for both knowledge & success, and professional in every regard (from physical presentation to promptness for all personal engagements to language/communication skills [in person or in written communication], and more).

Project opportunities include:

(SDML GROUP projects): 

SDML Group Lesson PROMO (number 1 priority, as this funds all other projects)

LEXI Music Awards 
LEXI-FEST concert series
SDML Booking Agency 
Skinny Devil Mobile Recording 
student promo 
Guitar Gods LIVE promo & marketing
SDML player certification 
SDML Instructor Certification 
Skinny Devil Records
Up-grading SDML web-site

For MY PERSONAL gigs, projects include:

booking HS & university clinics 
studio musician bookings 
securing gigs as producer for bands/projects 
promo for Songwriting & Improv Clinics
SDML group lesson class promo (major priority)

Some of these are FREE gigs, some CASH gigs, and some COMMISSION gigs. The FREE gigs are always coupled with commission gigs (for example, if booking a gig, pay comes from the actual gig income, but the intern not only books the gig, but handles city-local marketing & accommodations...but the commission is higher than industry standard to make up for this).


David M. McLean
text/call 859-420-2007

Serious Inquiries Only

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