Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring 2015 Lifestyle Challenge

Here we are...April 2015! Time for another challenge!

For those new to the challenges, it isn't to compete against others. It's to push yourself to greater heights, have some company & inspiration along the way, and a few ideas the help get us focused. For example, you can use this waving of the analytical knife to help organize your goals:

1) Exercise - Set a specific plan or goal(s). Keep us posted weekly (or more) on your progress!

2) Creativity - Music, art, writing, acting...set a goal to complete by month's end. Keep us posted!

3) Personal life - Re-affirm your personal relationships, get to that project/chore you've been avoiding, or just read a book you've always wanted to read!

4) Professional life - Set a work goal or change jobs or....just tell us what it is and keep us posted!

I'll post my goals below, and then provide weekly up-dates...

How about YOU?


  1. Today's work-out was 100 pull-ups, 200 squats, 300 sit-ups, tabata rounds (stair sprint, box jumps, calf raises, reverse stair sprint, stair sprint), 5 rounds on the heavy bag, and a few minutes of light weight. Followed that up with a giant kale & cabbage salad and steak tataki.

  2. Naps are good. :) Healthy, too.!