Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 2017

Well, we're halfway into the month! 2 weeks ago I posted about my 2017 Goals and invited you along for the ride! So, quick mid-month follow-up...

On-stage at Lexi-Fest Festival 2016
Kickin' workouts so far and about to go do 1000 stairs this morning.

Did some in-studio demo-ing of Bergstok Guitars and am having a fantastic chat with the owner - more details later if anything comes of it. But the guitars are fantastic, Sean is incredibly forward-thinking, and he's gonna be rich (with or without my input) very soon. Big shout to Dustin & Joshua over at Spectrum Entertainment.

Doing some TV & radio tomorrow (Thursday), session work Saturday, big story on me in the local newspaper Sunday, back to teaching Monday, Red Barn Radio appearance Wednesday (about a dozen radio stations across the southern US), some more press through the week, and the 3rd Lexington Music Awards Sunday, January 29.

Booked Morehead (songwriting clinic at a coffeeshop, evening gig at venue, and booking a clinic at MSU now) and now Angelee and I are working on Richmond, KY, Lexington, KY, Cincinatti, OH, New Albany, IN, and Nashville, TN....and more!

Also have a featured photo at Knotty Boy (dreadlock products)...which is largely irrelevant from a career standpoint, but fun!

Had a blast speaking and performing at the LexJam 10th Anniversary show! I backed up Chung Yen Twins playing percussion, then stepped out and talked LexJam history, SDML Academy of Guitar, and then played a sneak peak at my new recording project with the folk classic Wayfaring Stranger.

with drum & pipe band at 2nd Lexi Music Awards
Also now mid-project on doing some co-producing and guitar & bass on the new Marsha Lee album. VERY excited about what we're doing on this one! Nate (SD Mobile Recording) is at the helm. Gonna be a good one!

Haven't had enough time to work on personal guitar skills, but I'm going to go after the scales and fingerstyle (ostinato) techniques first. Gonna try to shoot some before-during-after videos.

Still a LONG way to go to achieve al the 2017 goals, but we're making a pretty good start.....

How about YOU?


  1. The workout ended up being 500 stairs and 25 pullups with 25 pounds of vest & ankle weights, by the way.....

    Then worked hemiola rhythm studies and scale sequences on guitar....

  2. And here we are Jan 19, 2017! Started the morning out making my coffee and listening to one of my Jazz channels..a little Diana Krall, Nat King Cole, Melody Gardot-got the morning started and then "I did it My Way" by Frank himself came on! I gotta say, Sinatra really sunk it all in for me this morning! Thanks Frank!

    I've done well. There's always so much more, yet I've accomplished much of what I wanted this month. I'm working a load of Overtime during Jan/Feb to save up Greenbacks for the eventual move... and when I'm off I'm consuming more coffee in the morning and local microbrews in the afternoon/evening as I pack everything that is non-essential for now yet I want to take back with me to the Cinci area.

    It's the discard that used to be difficult. All the books, the projects I'd gathered in the garage to get to one day... ugh. Let's be real. And so here I am, simply tossing some things, filling donation boxes with others and giving some items to coworkers and friends here.

    It's difficult to describe here, but know that I have boxes for books I want to keep, 1 for some old stone ware pottery given to my by my Grandmother and my Mom, etc. A box with my camping cookware/essentials, my compact drumset is taken down and packed as are my 4 snares (yeah I got a little crazy there for awhile searching for a snare), clothes I've succeded in getting rig of-I'm even dropping my wardrobe down utilizing the 3333 method (waredrobe limited to 33 items and reassess in 33 and reassess after 3 months-divided into spring/summer wear and fall/winter wear)

    Driving my beat up diesel VW Golf until it kerplunks... 256,000+ miles and counting...probably half of my money I am saving now will have to go to a more reliable car when I move-as I typically ride my motorcycle EVERYWHERE here when it is any temp over 36 degrees....and in Cinci I won't be able to ride in December and Jan, et... More is the PITY)

    So it's a load of stuff, difficult to list here... in Feb I'm thinking I will make a list and post of the items/categories I chose to keep and move and a list of all the crap I chose to get rid of for comparison...

    Be well, stay strong in mind, body and spirit, strive to be content with whatever comes...and when in doubt..FUKK what THEY think!

    Shane "The Barbarian" Coyle

  3. Today's workout (Thursday) was 20 minutes stationary bike, light weight work-out, tabata stair jumps, 4-stage push-up cycle, 200 sit-ups....

  4. Here we are... IN February! If Time DOES exist, it truly waits for no one.

    Things have very much become intensified here with me. I've two very strong job possibilities... IF these come to bear... I'll be having to move within TWO Freakin' Months!

    That's a BIG step, Sub-Goal #1 you might say, with the Over-All Goal of Major Life Change for me....