Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!!

I usually do the annual wrap-up about this time, but so much is happening I think I'll wait until January to sum up 2011.But I'll make a few announcements I've been promising. From a Christmas/Holiday present to web-related up-dates and more.

1) Locations: Private lessons still at Hurst Music (corner of Mt. Tabor & Richmond Rd), Thursday groups at the Beaumont YMCA (Beaumont Circle), and Tuesday groups...looks like we'll continue at the COC (corner of Man o' War & Beaver Creek) for now....BIG sigh of relief (hahaha!).

2) Holiday Gift: I wanted to do more for all my students, but I'm at least gonna manage the list below this year:

A) BEAUMONT students: I can't offer discounts due to my arrangement with the YMCA, but I can offer this to all Beaumont guitar students registered for the 8-week January-February session - you can also come to my COC location (Tuesdays, same schedule) for FREE for the 8-week January-February session so that you'll have 2 lessons per week.

B) COC students: I can't offer the same deal (going to Beaumont), so ALL students registering for the 8-week January-February session will get 50% off!

C) HURST students: All of you get both a 20% discount for January AND get to come to the GTR-4 class at COC (Tuesday at 8pm) for FREE during the January-February session.

My apologies I am unable to do more this year. Hoping next year I can do a bit better!

3) Student resources: As we speak, we're doing a massive web-site re-design. Included in that re-design is the splitting off of most "content" to the new Skinny Devil Magazine (which will feature music, articles, reviews, lessons, art, literature, and more....not just from me, but from a variety of creators) and the re-vamped (which will have info on performance, lessons, composition, Alien Blue, student resources, and more). The student resources will include an expanded student play-along set (formerly known as the student play-along CD), rhythm drills, classic & new song charts (some in "studio cheat-sheet" form , others in tab/notation), a gig guide, jam trax, and much more.

4) Student Recital: The next student recital will be in February. A date has not yet been selected, but likely late in the month.

I will be doing the 2011 wrap-up please remind me of all YOUR music accomplishments in 2011 (no way I can remember it all!) so I can include it in the newsletter.

I may also have a few private lessons slots opening, so please let me know if YOU are still in the market for private lessons....or you can also call Paul Felice, Chris Simpson, Luke Jackson, Michael Fogler, Dave Peterson, or Tim Fowler.

I'm always interested in creating opportunities for if you are interested in gigs, becoming an SDML instructor, studio opps, or partnering with me in some way to work in the music biz, please don't hesitate to let me know!

That's all for now. See ya soon!!!!!!!

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  1. Awesome! SDML continues to ROCK.

    I'll want to put some things on the new site with content on theory, chords, right hand technique etc.

    2011 was a great year and 2012 is going to be bigger!