Monday, February 6, 2012

Guitar Recital & more

Quick newsletter..........

1) Recital - The next SDML Guitar Student Recital is almost upon us! We've partnered with LexJam this time we have the 11am to noon slot blocked off at Natasha's Cafe on Saturday, February 11!

Students who have not played a recital before go first, followed by recital vets who have not played LexJam, followed by everyone else.

Please be there by 10:30am so I can tune guitars and give everyone performance-day details.

2) Lessons - We're half-way thru the 8-week group sessions at COC and the YMCA. Remember: March is a 4-week session, but then back to the 8-week sessions for April-May.

3) Scholarships - Scholarships still available....and remember that private students still get FREE access to the groups lessons thu the end of February....and Y students get to come to the COC free for the remainder of the session.

4) SDML Instructors - We have 2 new instructors in the ranks.....Tim Fowler at Hurst Music (420-8454 or ) and JD Wright at the Doowop Shop (312-1150 or ). If you need private lessons now (yep, I'm still full), drop one of these guys a line and they'll hook you up!

More soon!!!

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